How the speed of word finding depends on ventral tract integrity in primary progressive aphasia

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a clinical neurodegenerative syndrome with word finding problems as a core clinical symptom. Many aspects of word finding have been clarified in psycholinguistics using picture naming and a picture-word …

Investigating the semantic control network and its structural decline in mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia

Although the episodic and semantic memory systems have long been studied separately, recent literature revealed shared neural substrates, including the medial temporal lobe (MTL). One important aspect of semantic memory is semantic control, which …

The role of the uncinate fasciculus and inferior longitudinal fasciculus in healthy and disordered language production

The role of ventral fiber pathways in healthy and disordered language production

While neuroimaging research on language production has traditionally focused primarily on grey matter, several recent studies highlight the involvement of ventral and dorsal white matter pathways. A debated issue concerns the exact functional role of …

Language production in neurological populations

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