Alpha power decreases associated with prediction in written and spoken sentence comprehension

Alpha and beta power decreases have been associated with prediction in a variety of cognitive domains. Recent studies in sentence comprehension have also reported alpha and/or beta power decreases preceding contextually predictable words, albeit with …

The Diagnostic Value of Language Screening in Primary Progressive Aphasia: Validation and Application of the Sydney Language Battery

Purpose: The three variants of primary progressive aphasia (PPA) differ in clinical presentation, underlying brain pathology, and clinical course, which stresses the need for early differentiation. However, brief cognitive tests that validly …

Neuroimaging evidence for shared lemma representations in speech production and comprehension

Lemma representations are thought to map the meaning of words to their sounds and vice-versa (Levelt et al., 1999). There is evidence using different methodologies that suggests that lemmas are localised in the middle portion of the left middle …

A TMS investigation of left middle-MTG involvement in lemma access in speech production and comprehension

According to a prominent account, lemmas are abstract word representations that act as central relay hub for accessing conceptual, phonological, and syntactic representations linked to a word (Levelt et al., 1999). They are crucial for both speaking, …

fMRI evidence for shared lemma representations in speech production and comprehension

On a prominent account, lemma representations map the meaning of words to their sounds and vice-versa, and are shared across production and comprehension (Levelt et al., 1999). A meta-analysis of word production studies suggests that lemmas are …

Intersections between production and other cognitive domains

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DOWNLOAD Hiermee kunt u de test downloaden. The SYDBAT-NL test is available via Dr. Nikki Janssen or to download via the icon above. Nederlands De Sydney Language Battery (SYDBAT) is een screeningsinstrument ontworpen om PPA-subtypes te uit elkaar te halen.

TeleLanguage, TeleTaal

under construction English Nederlands De Witte, E., Piai, V., Kurteff, G., Cai, R., Mariën, P., Dronkers, N., Chang, E., & Berger, M. (2018). A valid alternative for in-person language assessments in brain tumor patients: feasibility and validity measures of the new TeleLanguage test.

Linking production and comprehension – Investigating the lexical interface

In a typical conversation, listening and speaking go hand in hand. However, we do not yet know what cognitive machinery and brain areas are shared between production and comprehension. It is believed that the lexical (lemma) and conceptual levels are …


under construction Nederlands De Syntest is een instrument ontworpen om problemen met het begrijpen van syntactische constructies te signaleren. De test maakt een onderscheid tussen zinslengte en syntactische complexiteit. De Syntest is gratis verkrijbaar via Dr.