Effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation over the left posterior superior temporal gyrus on picture-word interference

Word-production theories argue that during language production, a concept activates multiple lexical candidates in left temporal cortex, and the intended word is selected from this set. Evidence for theories on spoken-word production comes, for …

Intracranial EEG evidence of semantic interference and phonological facilitation in spoken word production

Behavioral and classical electrophysiological methods (scalp EEG) provide important information about the timing of different processes involved in spoken word production, while functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) allows the localization of …

How the speed of word finding depends on ventral tract integrity in primary progressive aphasia

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a clinical neurodegenerative syndrome with word finding problems as a core clinical symptom. Many aspects of word finding have been clarified in psycholinguistics using picture naming and a picture-word …

Intersections between production and other cognitive domains

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Oscillations and language production

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Language neuroplasticity in brain tumour patients revealed by magnetoencephalography

Language impairment in brain tumour patients may be missed since standardised tests fail to capture mild deficits. Neuroplasticity may also contribute to minimising language impairments. To address this possibility, we examined 14 patients with …

Speaking waves: neuronal oscillations in language production

Language production involves the retrieval of information from memory, the planning of an articulatory programme, and executive control and self-monitoring. These processes can be related to the domains of long-term memory, motor control, and …

The role of the uncinate fasciculus and inferior longitudinal fasciculus in healthy and disordered language production

The role of ventral fiber pathways in healthy and disordered language production

While neuroimaging research on language production has traditionally focused primarily on grey matter, several recent studies highlight the involvement of ventral and dorsal white matter pathways. A debated issue concerns the exact functional role of …

Language production in neurological populations

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