Speaking waves: neuronal oscillations in language production

Language production involves the retrieval of information from memory, the planning of an articulatory programme, and executive control and self-monitoring. These processes can be related to the domains of long-term memory, motor control, and …

Direct brain recordings reveal hippocampal rhythm underpinnings of language processing

Language is typically studied in isolation from memory. We demonstrate that the same neuronal computations used by the hippocampus for memory also subserve online language usage. These findings represent a major step in integrating the studies of language and memory, significantly expanding the role of hippocampal theta oscillations.

Distinct Patterns of Brain Activity Characterise Lexical Activation and Competition in Spoken Word Production

According to a prominent theory of language production, concepts activate multiple associated words in memory, which enter into competition for selection. However, only a few electrophysiological studies have identified brain responses reflecting …