Yang Cao

Yang Cao

PhD candidate

Radboud University

My PhD project focuses on the neural activity related to conceptual and lexical retrieval of language production in healthy speakers. I will investigate how the brain oscillations contribute to the production of language. Specifically, I will explore the nature of the alpha and beta desynchronization repeatedly observed in word production, and try to find whether these oscillations reflect different processes or only different strengths in implementing the same functional mechanisms. To do this, I will employ electrophysiological techniques, such as EEG/MEG and study the effects of transient modulation of brain oscillations using non-invasive brain stimulation (tACS).

Education & Career

  • MA in psycholinguistics, 2013-2016

    Institute of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  • BA in psychology, 2008-2012

    Henan Normal University, China