Long-term auditory processing outcomes in early implanted young adults with cochlear implants: the MMN vs. P300 response

Long-term outcomes of early implanted, young adult cochlear implant (CI) users remain variable. We measured auditory discrimination by means of event-related potentials in this population to examine whether variability at the level of cortical …

Cognitive and speech functioning in HNC: baseline prevalence and possible causes

__Background.__   The impact of treatment for head and neck cancer (HNC) on speech and cognitive functioning is well studied. Moreover, recent research has identified speech and cognitive deficits in HNC patients already prior to treatment, but …

Speaking waves: neuronal oscillations in language production

Language production involves the retrieval of information from memory, the planning of an articulatory programme, and executive control and self-monitoring. These processes can be related to the domains of long-term memory, motor control, and …

Cognitive and speech functioning in head and neck cancer


Assessment of Neurocognitive Impairment and Speech Functioning Before Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

We documented cognitive and speech functioning before treatment in individuals with head and neck cancer in a prospective cohort study. Results indicated a high prevalence of speech and cognitive impairment. Patient-reported speech and cognitive function were associated with each other, whereas objective cognitive measures were not associated with patient-reported measures.