See you virtually at SNL 2020!

We are excited about attending SNL this year (from our homes). Follow the links for more.

  • Check Joanna’s poster for exciting findings on the temporal lobe white matter in humans vs chimps.

  • Ileana will present on the microstructural integrity of crucial white-matter tracts for fluency in elderly with SVD.

  • Arushi will show her exciting results on where production and comprehension meet.

  • Yang’s findings tell us something really cool about the language alpha-beta oscillations.

  • Natascha will present a poster on context-driven word production using fMRI. Nice convergence with our electrophysiology work.

From the Sandbox Series

  • Check the poster by Arushi and Adrian (team work!) on our plans for a TMS study.

  • Joao’s preliminary findings on the basal ganglia in inflectional encoding.

  • Christian will present preliminary results on the microstructure of the corpus callosum in people with strokes in relation to their language.

  • Matteo will present a poster on his plans for looking at semantic interference and phonological facilitation in production using iEEG.