Lydia Huang

Former Master’s student, current collaborator

Radboud University

I am a research master’s student in Linguistics and Communication Sciences at Radboud University. My research interest is in the involvement of the sensorimotor cortex in speech production, developmental speech disorders (DSD), and how the former part may influence the development of DSD. To investigate this, I am planning to use brain rhythms as indicators as they allow us to look into the minuscule electrical brain activities up to milliseconds. However, what different brain rhythms can tell us about our speech behaviors is still unclear. This leads to the research question of my master thesis: do sensorimotor alpha and beta rhythms dissociate functionally and anatomically during speech production? This thesis is supervised by Dr. Vitória Piai and her Ph.D. candidate Yang Cao. We will use human intracranial EEG recordings from the sensorimotor cortex to answer this question.


  • Speech production
  • Neural oscillations
  • Speech disorder
  • Language acquisition

Education & Career

  • MA Linguistics and Communication Sciences, 2020-present

    Radboud University

  • BA Chinese Language and Literature, 2013-2017

    Shantou University, China