Julia Chauvet

Former Master’s student, current collaborator

Vrije University Amsterdam

I am a research Master’s student in neuroscience at Vrije University Amsterdam. Since the beginning of my Bachelor’s studies in linguistics, I was particularly engaged with the topic of neurolinguistics. I have developed a passion for understanding the brain mechanisms that support language function, and their adaptation following brain damage. I am currently an intern at the Language Function and Dysfunction lab, where I am writing a scoping literature review on the electrophysiological signatures of language production and comprehension following an ischemic stroke or brain tumor. I have also been helping with an EEG study in a neurotypical population. This has offered me the lucky opportunity to work in a great environment, learn from talented researchers and receive training on many skills.


  • Aphasia
  • Electrophysiology
  • Functional neuroanatomy
  • Writing

Education & Career

  • MSc in Neuroscience, 2021-present

    Vrije University Amsterdam

  • BA in Linguistics, 2019-2021

    University of Amsterdam